Top 7 Best Sites to Download Music For Free in 2021 (mp3, mp4)

You can download audio files to any medium. For example, a computer, flash drive, mp3 player, phone, tablet, etc. There are differences only when downloading to a PC or mobile phone. Among the many, it is important to choose the safest and cheapest (free) resources for downloading. Most resources claim that their audio files are suitable for both devices. Let’s figure it out.

Best Free Mp3 Music Download Sites list

No Hares

The most popular resource is the site. Convenient file search, free content, minimum advertising. It does not require a special program for music, the format of which is mp3. Updates are ongoing. The search for audio files is very simple, just drive the name of the track and the site will display several composition options. The site has its own tops and collections. Recommended tracks are on the right side of the site. In addition to downloading, the user can share their favorite music on a social network. But in addition to the pros, this resource has a couple of minuses:

  • files take up a lot of space in the device’s memory (due to the format);
  • classical music lovers this resource is not suitable.

You can’t leave unnoticed that rabbits. Is not suitable for phones. Also, after downloading to a computer, transferring files to your phone is not difficult (as to a regular flash drive). In addition to downloading, the user can share their favorite music on a social network.

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Another site for downloading music for free. In addition to hits downloaded to it, the user can access online radio. Top popular music is not alone. It varies from day to week and month. Create your own playlist by linking a page on a social network to a site. In order not to miss new tracks added to, the user is prompted to subscribe to the VKontakte page. On the bottom panel is an online player with additional download features.

Myzuka org

Another site with a huge selection of songs and soundtrack. The “disable ads” feature is striking, but it is not suitable for all users. For those who often use the resource and are willing to pay the site for the lack of advertising, this add-on is ideal. But the rest of the visitors rarely want to spend money on this.

Pages also have its own top songs with advanced features for each song. Popular artists this time find. In addition to all the top visitors and users located in the left corner. Music sorted by genre. To get acquainted with new songs of a certain genre, just select the necessary one. There are several more opportunities for registered users, but unregistered site visitors can download music for free. You can also listen to the radio online or go to the chat.

Zvuki ru site is one of the most popular resources for downloading music for free. The menu in appearance differs radically from the previous ones. The search bar does not occupy the main place on the page, but is on the left. Immediately below the head of the site itself.On the right are links to groups on social networks. You can enter your personal account through the VKontakte network, facebook and gmail or go through individual registration.

This can’t be called a minus, but it’s not convenient for some (logging in to other sites via Instagram or Twitter is possible on other sites). is a kind of browser for music lovers. You can watch videos, news of the world of music, view the poster of concerts of your favorite artists, learn about the life of idols. At the bottom of the page, a poster for upcoming concerts is displayed. Indicated start time and venue of the concert. To listen to or download the music you need, the user needs to go to the zvuki.FM player, which is located in the search menu.

Funkysouls com

Perhaps the only fat minus for the guests is that it is impossible to download music for free without registering. But registration on the resource itself is not required, it will only allow access to social networks. In addition, it is convenient to download not only individual audio files and tracks, but also the entire album of the artist. The description contains all the songs in the album. The albums on the main page are arranged in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Only registered users can download audio and make playlists. But the resource is free, so there is nothing to worry about the site visitors.

Lastfm ru

The main page has a nice design and user-friendly interface. Everything is painted, understandable even to beginners. To download songs and create a playlist, you must register and login. Opportunities will noticeably change after registration. After synchronizing the site with iTunes on iPod, the scrobbling function will appear. This concept appeared precisely thanks to

On this resource you can watch videos and concerts of your favorite artists. Thanks to access to the playlist, users can find like-minded people in music. All preference data is used to quickly search for radio stations and music albums that are individually selected for each. Top music compiled by The most listened and downloaded artists, the most relevant songs.

Yourmp3 net

Foreign music site. Also on there are links to other similar pages. All menus are in English, so for people who don’t know him at all, this will be a minus of the site. You can download music to your computer or phone. Simple interface, nothing more and everything is clear. Even if the user does not speak English, a couple of familiar words will be for him. In addition to music, users will find video clips. Unlike previous resources, does not have a flashy menu. For a novice user, this site is the most convenient and simple.

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