How to Delete a Skype Account With Guide [Updated]

Skype is a service that keeps you in touch with your loved ones. This free software allows users to make phone calls online. Although Skype messaging remains the leader in instant messaging in the professional world, several users want to use other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, etc. and they want to close their account.

how to delete skype

Have you created an account and want to close it? Wondering how to delete a Skype account? What is the method to delete your profile? How to delete all of your private data? How to delete your nickname? Discover in this little tutorial all the steps to follow to learn how to unsubscribe and delete your account permanently.

How Do I Delete  Skype Account Permanently :

The process of deleting your account is not easy. But, there is a solution to be anonymous on Skype. The only way to delete your account is to contact their free online customer support.

But before leaving this software, you need to clear your conversation history, personal information, contact list, etc.

Delete Your Personal Information:

To erase your personal data from instant messaging, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, start by launching the Skype application on your computer;
  • Log in to your profile;
  • Under the menu bar, click on your username, your profile will appear;
  • Click on “Manage”;
  • In the Personal Information section, click “Edit”;
  • Delete all the personal information that you entered when creating the account (nickname, phone, email, name, first name, date of birth, etc.) and replace them in the fields with random characters like “xxx” since the fields blanks cannot be saved.
  • Click save.

NB: The deletion of private information will put your profile anonymous when searching for your name on skype after unsubscribing.

How To Delete a Skype Directory Account:

To permanently close your account, you must contact customer service. Once you have requested unsubscription from customer service, your profile name will be deleted.

NB: You must wait two weeks for your account to be deleted from the Skype directory.

Change Your AVATAR

You can also edit or change your avatar that appears in the contact list. To do this, simply follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • Launch the skype application;
  • Sign into your account;
  • Click on your profile then press “avatar”;
  • Delete the downloaded image.

Remove Your Pseudo From The Login Page:

When you log in to the application from your computer or mobile, your ID remains displayed even if you are logged out. To delete your nickname on the login screen, you must follow the following steps:

  • Close the application;
  • In the search box on your computer, type “run” then press “enter”
  • Enter this message% appdata% \ Skype and confirm with an “ok”;

There you go, your nickname is removed from the login screen.

Contact Skype Customer Service:

Customer service is available to assist and guide you in deleting your account. If you’re having problems or want to ask any other general questions and want personal assistance, you can also use Help Assistance through your account.

You can access the site then click on the FAQ section, you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your questions in the Community FAQ, you can search and find help via the Skype help page.